New lionfish contest for the month of October!

Anyone who enters a report for a removed or sighted lionfish on the map during the month of October 2016 will be eligible to win.

Update November 1, 2016 Congratulations to Patrick VanBrakel for winning the October contest! Patrick has been doing a lot of lionfish hunting lately and posted a bunch of reports on the map from Aruba. Well done Patrick, and we hope you enjoy your $400 of lionfish hunting gear!

We will select one random lionfish report on the lionfish tracking map from the Month of October. We will count the number of reports and use a random number generator to select one report and that person will be emailed a $400 gift certificate to courtesy of and Zookeeper lionfish containers. The gift certificate will be valid for one year and can be used to purchase anything from the website. We encourage you to post a photo of your catch with the report, but it is not required to win.

Good luck to everyone!

Click here to go to the lionfish tracking map on

Lionfish contest