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In short, lionfish do not belong in the Western Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. They are an invasive species eating everything they can their mouths on, spreading faster than a plague of locusts and, consequently, destroying the ecosystems and reefs in which they live.

So we hunt lionfish; some of us hunt them for sport, some of us hunt them for food and some of us hunt them to protect the ocean and our way of life. We all are doing the very best we can to make a difference in our own way.

Our Mission Statement promotes the removal of non-native & invasive lionfish through lionfish hunter education, outreach and direct-action hunting campaigns.

We support divers, anglers, “spearos” and many others through public outreach, education and direct action hunting programs, including:

Thank you for visiting our Lionfish Hunting website.  If this is your first time here and you are looking for information about invasive lionfish, please see our most frequently asked questions about lionfish. For ideas about how you, too, can get involved in the fight to take our seas back please contact us or offer your time and expertise as a direct-action volunteer!

What We Do

L. Scott Harrell and Andy Lowe, administrators of, offer consulting services to dive centers, restaurants and other businesses who are positioned to take advantage of the unique commercial opportunities that the lionfish invasion present.

About the Author:

L. Scott Harrell is the co-founder of the World Lionfish Hunters Association. He now owns a scuba diving marketing consultancy in Cozumel, Mexico and offers expert PADI scuba instruction and private divemaster services. You can hunt lionfish in Cozumel, too!

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  1. Carole Ann Davies says:

    My family and I hunt lionfish in the Exumas Bahamas. Keep up the good work,

  2. jim says:

    I would like to be certified in LF hunting. I am looking at stating at a resort (preferbly All Inclusive, traveling with a non-diver) that has a LIf certification program. Do you have any recommendations?

  3. Matt Thilmony says:

    Another restaurant that serves lionfish and sells it in their retail fish market is
    Crab E Bills
    1540 Indian River Dr
    Sebastian, Fl 32958

    I had lionfish for lunch sunday, it was great,
    I purchased 10 lbs. of filets today!

  4. Andy Hammonds says:

    Where can I order lionfish to eat from online deliveries?

  5. David Andress says:

    Saw a lionfish at Disney’s Castaway Cay snorkeling cove in November. Reported it to the lifeguard who seemed oblivious to the potential dangers to the reef.

  6. Buying Seafood says:

    Thank you for this important information and getting the word out that we can actually eat our way out of this lionfish problem.

  7. Ken Seal says:

    Up here in Washington State, and I’m sure other areas, groups and businesses can volunteer to clean sections of the highways on a regular basis. Typically there will be small signs along the road designating who has stepped in to clean that area for drivers to see. Maybe dive shops, fishing groups, etc., can pick certain sections of reefs to monthly/quarterly go out and clean out the lionfish? Their group/company can be listed in local maps or other publications as an appreciation of their efforts.
    Also, as a 61 year old with 48 years of diving, and nearing retirement, I’d like information on how I can volunteer 3-6 months a year to help harvest lionfish and do my part. How would someone like me make myself available? I’m confident there would be a small army of senior diving volunteers who would love to help if we had a way to do so.

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