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About the Author:

L. Scott Harrell is the co-founder of the World Lionfish Hunters Association. He now owns a scuba diving marketing consultancy in Cozumel, Mexico and offers expert PADI scuba instruction and private divemaster services. You can hunt lionfish in Cozumel, too!

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  1. Hi Scott,

    I am into many branches of Science as well as other disciplines and I just familiarizd myself with the lion fish problem.
    Your efforts to resolve this problem are remarkable.Allow me to share my idea.By injecting small amount of the lion fish venom into another specie of fish, potential predator, this specie will become immune to the poison and then further in lab,guided, short term evolution pratice CAN ACTUALLY CREATE a lion fish predator quite easily in relatively short period of time. This predator, of course, will have to have another predator in the atlantic Ocea
    Let me know what you think as I am sharing this idea with scientists involved in this issue.

    Thanks much

    Domenico “Ecko” Meschino D.P.S.,M.Ed.

  2. Keith Cooper says:

    Good Day WLHA!

    Our youth ecology and fishing program West End Eco-Fishing Camp Association (WEEFCA) would be interested in speaking with a representative about the huge lionfish population that has engulfed the seas off of West End,Grand Bahama Island.

    We are genuinely interested in speaking with your organization about creating a Lionfish Derby, outreach program and youth training on how to safely catch, sell and consume lionfish. It is our desire to create sustainable jobs for the fishermen and educate our community about the potential for harvesting lionfish.

    Overcoming the fear of capturing and eating the fish has been a major problem for WEEFCA and we could use your support.

    West End is a fishing community and these fish are having an impact on the marine environment.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Keith Cooper
    Founder/Director WEEFCA

  3. Geoff says:

    Hey, great site, lots of good information. I live in the BVI have noticed more and more Lionfish every time I dive. I have been taking a spear along with me and kill every one I find. I saw what looked like fish eggs today. Can you confirm what kind of eggs these are? Take a look at the video if you have a min.


  4. i have a restaurant in pawleys island s.c. i have started to serve lionfish at our tapas bar as a crudo dish and on our lunch menu as a blackened fillet with costa rican rice and black beans with fresh pico de gallo. i would love a link on your website (i would post one to you also)and where can i obtain some pamphlets or information flyers for my hostess desk to educate my customers to this horrible plight. i will be updating my website in the next day or two with the new menus.

    thanks steve perrone

  5. Bill Pinner says:

    We are serving Lionfish at our restaurant and getting great feedback. We have sold 700 lbs in the last month. How can we get on your website?
    Bill Pinner
    The Fish Company
    725 Atlantic Blvd.
    Atlantic Beach, Fl. 32233

  6. Patrick van Brakel says:


    A few weeks ago I send in a recordholding picture (48cm) catched on Aruba.

    Still no reaction.

    Are you still online?



  7. Willough says:

    Hi Mr. Harrell,

    I’m doing an x-fair project on aquatic invasive species and the lionfish invasion is my main example. I was just wondering about lionfish predators. I read that there are some, so why don’t people just introduce the lionfish predators to where the lionfish invasion is happening? Then would the new species go out of control or something? Thanks! I appreciate it.

  8. Jim lyle says:

    while catching lobster in the Florida keys I was using tickle stick to get a lobster out of a hole, a lionfish flushed out of the hole and to came close to my left arm holding the tickle stick. a short time later I felt “flushed” and body hot like I had run a marathon, thought some new meds acting up. later I continued gathering lobster. maybe 30 minutes later I got into boat and someone noticed that my left arm was extremely swollen. during the day swelling went down, but muscle very sore.
    lionfish did not “hit” me hard enough for me to even feel, I don’t mess with lionfish.

  9. Lee says:

    Congratulations on all of the work you are doing with Lionfish.
    I am working with a wholesale seafood distributor and would like to discuss opportunities to work together.
    Please let me know if there is a number to reach you on or any other contacts on this side (commercial sales) of the industry.
    Thank you.

  10. lee benoit says:

    hey scott….after reading this

    “It doesn’t appear likely that we can train native fish to hunt and eat healthy lionfish. It has been tried with sharks and groupers. There are several problems associated with this approach; first, in one experiment in which researchers placed a small lionfish in a tank of several hungry grouper, the much larger predators actually cowered away from the aggressive lionfish and avoided it almost to the point of starving to death before the researchers intervened. Secondly, fish do not train their offspring to hunt like a mammal does.”

    I would love to see the documentation/ publication from these researchers…thank you

  11. Trinidad Joe says:

    I enjoy curry, jerk and BBQ lion fish. Sometimes I add pepper sauce.

  12. Karin W. says:

    My17-year old daughter has decided that her marine bio science project will be experimenting with ways to use lionfish venom to treat cancer.

    Are we SURE the venom is not deadly if she accidentally sticks herself?
    What sort of gloves do you recommend?
    What is the best way to remove the spines and/or extract the venom?

    Thanks so much,
    Karin (aka Worried Mom)

  13. Beth says:

    FYI…Many Wegman’s are now selling Lionfish.

  14. ye olde hippy says:

    Peace and love ! It is not the lionfish destroying the ecosystem ! It is the criminal rothschilds and their criminal accomplices destroying the ecosystem ! Do you see a lionfish receiving a cash prize , a trophy for a quick kill ? Of course not ! All the lies about the lionfish is to corner the market for lionfish and get rid of the competition !Peace and love

  15. Golden Ratio 1.6180 says:

    Hey there, I just found this site and I see that there are records for the biggest lionfish, lol hehehhe, nice, but unfortunately for you and for me.

    I know who caught 50.3cm lionfish weighing 896grams, well actually I did but obviously I have no proof of that with a measuring tape on video, anyway I do not care.

    Check my YouTube and you will see my evolution in spearfishing. WARNING MY VIDEOS ARE NOT ARTISTIC, just dive shoot and surface. But form the size of the fish you will understand that they are not small.

  16. Ken Hoke says:

    Hi. I am the exhibits director at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. I am interpreting lionfish in one of our reef tanks temporarily. I would LOVE to use the image of cooked lionfish (with tabasco) on my panel. Can I get permission? Please write me and let me know. Maybe you have other appatizing looking shots?

    thanks so much,
    Ken Hoke

  17. Doris Brooks says:

    Hi there,
    I am living in Anguilla, B.W.I. and go for a beach walk with my dog every day. Just the other day I discovered about 6 dead lion fish washed up ashore (not sure why??). As most dogs do, mine was trying to get one to chew on it but I got him away before. My question is: Can the dead lion fish be poisonous to my dog?

    Thank you in advance for your input.


    • Andy Lowe says:

      Hi Doris, it’s not likely to cause your dog a problem. They are not poisonous, it’s just that some of the spines are venomous. The venom breaks down with heat, usually 20 minutes or so at room temperature and the stings are not very painful. It’s very strange that you found multiple lionfish washed up dead. I wonder if someone was spearing them and leaving them behind? It would be great if you could take photos if you see anymore and send to Thanks!

  18. Sal Delello says:

    Can you please correct a link on the URL that links to our organization called

    ReefSavers is no longer buying Lionfish.

    ReefSave does education and testing with NOAA of Lionfish traps in order to develop a financially self sustaining system to consistently remove invasive lionfish from the affected range. We will be releasing at DEMA in November 2019 (Orlando) our group trip flyers, so dive shops can sponsor dive trips to hunt lionfish in beautiful St Vincent, learn about and participate in lionfish trapping, learn the latest information about the invasion and efforts toward mitigation.

    Thank you for your assistance in correcting the URL on your page.

    President- ReefSave Inc


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