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Lionfish wanted! Sell your lionfish to Florida seafood dealers

March 14, 2016 18 Comments

Want to sell your lionfish? With a $50 Saltwater Products License (Click here to find information about and the application to obtain your SPL) you can sell your catch to seafood wholesale dealers around the State of Florida. Below is a great list compiled by the FWC Lionfish program (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) of seafood wholesale dealers who want to buy your lionfish. We have done an excellent job in raising lionfish awareness over the last several years and now restaurants are having a difficult time keeping the fish on the menu on a regular basis. Because of this strengthening market, the regular diver can cover all their fuel, boat, airfills, and other diving expenses as well as putting a little extra coin in their pocket, all while having a great time spearing this invasive species and getting them off of our reefs! Prices vary, we have heard of lionfish being bought anywhere in the $4-$6 range for whole fish. Some dealers may require gutting and removing the spines beforehand. Head shots are encouraged to minimize the damage to the meat. The list gives minimum fish size for the various dealers as well as minimum and maximum quantity. Like everything else in life, it’s good to establish a relationship ahead of time. Happy Hunting!


About the Author:

Andy is a former US Navy Diver and Submariner, 20 year PADI Dive Instructor, USCG 100 ton Captain, Inventor & entrepreneur, manufacturer, Yachtbroker, skilled mechanic & electrician, and an avid hunter of lionfish.

Comments (18)

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  1. Rick Beaudoin says:

    hi Andy
    found your article on lion fish i find it
    quite interesting
    any chance I might get you to elaborate
    a bit more on topic?
    among other accomplishments in your life
    says you’re a dive instructor if I might inquire where are you located? and do you
    have a class or first hand knollage on hunting these spiny devels?
    long story short got open water certified in 87 down in islmorada but have not done
    much diving since 2k and would feel best with refresher course or advanced open
    water/lion fish instruction can we talk?
    thanks sincerly… Rick Beaudoin

  2. Francisco Javier Quevedo Celsi says:

    December 10,2016

    Good afternoon, we have the capacity,starting March 2017 to provide frozen lion fish,degutted in 50 lb. polyethelene 2mm bags.Procedence San Andres Island,COLOMBIA.Delivery Port Everglades in 20feet refrigerated containers.Frequency every fortnight.Maximun deliveries until new notice 10,000lbs.
    PLS.advise on CIF market prices.

  3. Hugh Parslow says:

    Hi there, I live on the east coast of canada and was wondering how one would go about importing a moderate amount of the fish (around 100lbs of fillets)? And if you would know an approximate cost for that much fish? Local seafood companies dont seem to carry the fish. I would love to introduce the fish to my local market to help grow the demand, in turn helping to weed out those invasive buggers.



  4. Javan Rolle says:

    Hello Hugh I live in The Bahamas and I can supply frozen lion fish to you gutted and cleaned at your request. If interested you can contact me at 1-242-456-1069 or

  5. Theresa says:

    Can anyone ship lionfish to the Tampa Bay, Fl area? I cannot find any place to buy some. I’m curious.

  6. tom nendick says:

    Ladies and Gents I’m going to be looking for several hundred lbs of lionfish for the period of lent and would like to get some pricing from whomever is willing to ship it up to Illinois. Fish Fry Fridays are coming up soon so whatever information you can send me would be appreciated.

    Thank you for any assistance you can give

  7. tom nendick says:

    Francisco I would be interested in contacting you about pricing on the mixed lion fish, lobster tail and yellow eyed snapper package and pricing. Please shoot me an e-mail at

    Thank you very much sir

  8. I found this great supplier of frozen lionfish. They supply a fort myerts restaurant

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