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Largest Lionfish Caught

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Current World Lionfish Hunters Association Lionfish Records

Think you have a world, country or state record lionfish for largest lionfish caught by spear or on a fishing pole? We’re waiting for your submission!

Click here first: WLHA Biggest Lionfish Records Submission Rules and Requirements


World Record – Largest Lionfish (Spear)

  • Bob “Cuda” Straney – Florida, United States | 47cm


World Lionfish Hunters Association world record for longest lionfish caught by spear.

Current World Lionfish Hunters Association world record for length, turned in by Bob “Cuda” Straney on January 24, 2013. The fish was taken in the area of Port Canaveral, Florida at about 90ft.

Aruba Record 

  • A.J. Tromp | 44cm | Spear

Belize Record 

  • Polly Alford | 44cm | Spear

Bermuda Record 

  • Sean Maiorano | 44cm | Spear

Bonaire Record

  • Michael Pement | 45cm | Spear

Cayman Islands Record

  • Chris Redlund | 44cm | Spear

Colombia Record

  • Juan Chavarriaga Molina | 41cm | Spear

Curaçao Record

  • Peter Deleu | 45cm | Spear

Dominica Record

  • Don Mitchell | 41cm | Spear

Dominican Republic Record

  • Sam Wilson | 43cm | Spear

Honduras Record

  • Brian Forte | 44cm | Spear

Mexico Record

  • Sallye Martin | 42cm | Spear

Panama Record 

  • Gabriel Lopez Dupuis | 44cm | Spear

United States – Individual State Records 

  • FLORIDA – Bob “Cuda” Straney | 47cm (WR) | Spear
  • LOUISIANA – Wil DeMuth | 41cm | Spear
  • NORTH CAROLINA – Erin Burge | 45cm | Spear
  • SOUTH CAROLINA – Gary McCullough IV | 41cm | Spear
Smallest Lionfish Ever Caught?

Smallest Lionfish Ever Caught?

The WLHA acknowledges that there might have been bigger, longer, larger lionfish caught and recorded by the scientific community or by other sportsmen prior to the establishment of the WLHA Unified Records program. However, if we do not have a potential-record entry of the fish as outlined by our regulations defining record submission requirements it is not in the spirit of the program to formally acknowledge the catch.

About the Author:

Scott Harrell is the Executive Director of the World Lionfish Hunters Association. He was a high profile private investigator and business consultant who now lives and "slow travels" throughout the Caribbean and Latin America hunting lionfish and working with dive centers on behalf of the WLHA. Scott has been a dive instructor since 1995. He can be reached via email at

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  1. Interesting site! Recently some friends organized a spearfishing competition of lionfish here in Venezuela in Chichiriviche de la Costa, we caught a total of 367 if i recall well. The largest one was 42,7cm. I’m getting in touch with one of the biologist who’s head of the lion fish investigations here because a friend who talked to him that day said that the largest one caught here was 52cm. I want to contact him, get the prove and send it to you guys.

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